Study Visa

What is a Study Visa?

The Immigration Act makes specific provision for applicants wishing to take up tertiary studies in South Africa, as well as for minors wishing to take up or complete their schooling in South Africa.

Study Visas are most applicable to minor dependent children accompanying their parents on extended sojourns in South Africa and require that applicants be provisionally accepted into programs at the institution where they wish to study.
Additionally, foreign students who complete their PhD in South Africa may automatically qualify for a South African Work Visa.

Why a Study Visa?

  • South Africa boasts several world-renowned universities with large contingents of foreign students, particularly at post-graduate level.
  • Study Visas are issued for the duration of the program that an applicant wishes to complete.
  • Holders of a Study Visa are legally permitted to work up to 20 hours a week.

What are the main documents needed?

  • Proof that an applicant has been provisionally accepted for studies at an institution of learning in South Africa. This letter must also state the entire duration of the course.
  • Applicants are required to provide proof that they have a valid medical aid for the duration of their studies in South Africa.

halloSA’s hot tip

Study Visas must be obtained by minor dependent children wishing to undergo schooling in South Africa. For students wishing to study at tertiary institutions, the allowance to work up to 20 hours per week is a significant contributor to easing the financial strains that are synonymous with studying at a tertiary level.

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Did you know?

If the institution where you wish to study is not approved under the Immigration Regulations, your will not be able to obtain a Study Visa.
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